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Types Of Hair Extensions
Your lifestyle, your patience level and your budget will all have a say in your choice of your hair extension types. Some take a lot longer to put in than others. Some are a lot more expensive than others. Some are more natural looking than others. So you will have to choose what's right for you based on your funds and your needs. You can find the rundown of each type below to help you make your decision.

Balabella Clip In

When you want fast volume and dimension, clip in hair extensions are the way to go.They are temporary, but if installed right, they will stay as long as you need them to. They also come in Indian Remy Hair or synthetic (heat-friendly) and come in full head or single clips. When you have places to be and people to see, clip ins are your best choice!


Incredibly simple to put in

A fast solution to long hair in less than 5 minutes

Clip-Ins won't damage your hair anymore than any other hair clip would

Great for occasions or events

Balabella Pre-Bonded

Pre-bonded strands of extensions are bonded with different kinds
of adhesive like keratin, glue, plant based (and petroleum based)


In a word: Wonderful (if applied right)

They're permanent (up to 6 months)

If you'll gentle enough, you care for them just as you would your own hair

They come in a variety of colors, lengths, and hair types

Balabella Wefts

Your natural hair is braided in a "corn row" (you know, that tight little row that stays close to your scalp), then the extension is sown into the row with a needle and cotton.


These are great for medium to thick hair

They instantly add lots of volume and length

They come in a variety of colors, lengths, and hair types

Balabella Tape In

If you want another quick and easy hair extension application, tape is
a good route for you. The seamless results come from squeezing the
pre-taped weft of hair extension in between sections of your own hair.


These bad girls are semi permanent, meaning they can last anywhere
from 6 -12 weeks

Easy maintenance, take care of them like your own hair

Applications are much quicker than, say, weave ins or pre-bonded

Balabella Micro Loop

Micro link extensions are looped through the natural hair, then clamped on with a metal bead and a pair of pliers (sounds like a head improvement, instead of a home improvement, right?


The extensions can be slid up the shaft of the natural if they slip down

This makes them a cost effective solution

Very versatile this method of installation and allows for the hair to move freely

No heat or chemicals are used in installation or removal


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